5 Cute Hairstyles For Kids With Short Haircuts

Temperatures are steadily on the rise year after year, and now is the time when kids feel it more than ever. It's summer, that time of the year full of outside play, sports, and heat waves.

The responsible parent knows that this is the perfect time for shorter cute hairstyles for their kids. This goes for both boys and girls, with plenty of hairstyles to choose from in both.

From buzzed hair to dye-tipped ponytails, there are dozens of hairstyle that can be used for kids. To help you get a foot up in time for the heat, we've put together a quick list of easy, hairstyles for children with short hair this summer.

5 Cute Hairstyles for Kids with Short Hair

1. For a Girl: For a Boy: The Young Military Cut

A buzz cut or a simple military cut is a great way to keep your son's head cool during the summer. A little gel to flip up the hair in the front is the only styling you'll need (if any).

This is a low-maintenance cut that is cute year-round, but especially practical during warmer months.

2. For a Girl: The Clipped-Back Doo

This hairstyle works especially for girls with short, bobbed hair. This particular hairstyle was made famous by child actress Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things and has surged in popularity this year.

Simply, it's a hairstyle that only requires a brush and a couple of clips. No expertise know-how is required.

3. For a Boy: Pompadour

Instead of shaving the head all around, parents can cut back the sides and leave the top longer to achieve a range of styles. Most notable is the pompadour, which only needs a little gel or tousling to give hair texture.

Hair will remain off the back of the neck and the buzzed sides will provide a cool breeze, perfect for the active summer months.

4. For a Girl: The Classic Bob

A short haircut like the bob can be styled in many different ways (look to #2) and has survived decades of fashion. Ever since the flappers of the 1920s popularized the haircut, it has kept girls and women cool and in style.

Instead of short haircuts for girls hanging around their shoulders, the bob will likely fall just past their ears. This will help keep hair off the back of the neck and make it a lot easier to keep cool.

The bob also doesn't require any hair products or clips to achieve an adorable look.

5. For a Boy: The Mohawk

This hairstyle proves to be cute and efficient at keeping kids cool. The hair on the sides and around the top is cut extremely short. A little hair is left down the middle which can be worn regularly or spiked to achieve a classic, stylish look.

This one is sure to turn your boy into a rock star as they beat the heat in style.

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