5 Genius Eyelash Extension Tips Every Professional Needs to Know

Do you have clients that are tired of trying every mascara on the market with no results? If so, they should look into eyelash extensions.

People pay a lot for eyelash extensions because its a very precise process. That means you're going to put in a good amount of work on your end.

Want to take some of the pressure off yourself? Read our eyelash extension tips below.


Eyelash extensions are a trend right now and that means a lot of first timers are trying them out. That's great! We all love getting new clients in our doors.

However, you don't want a client coming in thinking they'll get new eyelashes for life from one session. The client should do their research, but it's up to you to keep them happy.

Let them know how long they can expect their lashes to last. With the right care, you're looking at a month and a half at the longest.

Letting them know what to expect keeps you from getting an unhappy customer (or them never coming back).

Care Tips

Along with letting them know their extensions life, you need to tell them how to take care of them. Give them a post-procedure guide, just like they'd get at the doctor.

Let them know that they can still wear makeup with their lashes, but to stay away from liquids. No dragging their favorite liquid eyeliner along those brand new lashes.

Mascara is a no-no unless they have their next extension appointment scheduled soon.

Pick the Right Lashes

A lot of clients don't know that they can customize their extensions, at every point of the process. They can choose from all your lash types and tell you where they'd like more volume.

For a subtle look, encourage them to do more lashes towards the corner of their eyes and less towards their nose.

The more involved you let them get in the process, the more excited they'll be about their new lashes!

Isolate the Natural Lash

When you're applying the lash, use eyelash tweezers and find one natural lash to add your extension to. You don't want any lash touching the other lashes while you add the extension and the glue.

Once you're finished with one lash, go to the other lid so you're not moving the just-set extension around.


Once you've done a section of lashes and they're dry, go back through and make sure the lashes aren't sticking to their neighbors. You don't want clumps of lashes, other than the stacked lashes you just glued.

You can do this with the same tweezers you were using, but wipe them down with rubbing alcohol first. There may be leftover glue residue from the application.

Eyelash Extension Tips

With these eyelash extension tips above, you should have a very happy customer on your hands. Remind them of their care instructions and maybe give them a sheet to take home.

They're going to love their new lush look and try to get them scheduled for their fill before they leave.

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