How to Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free

Waking up with frizzy hair in the morning doesn't call for a “good hair day” especially for a girl who loves flaunting her hair. It's easier to just fix your makeup in the morning but the struggle stretches a bit when it comes to fixing your hair as well.

Since we know where this ugly frizz comes from, here are a few things that may help you manage dry hair in a better way.

NEVER BRUSH DRY HAIR – Advised by all hair experts, never comb or brush dry hair because dry hair is more vulnerable to breakage. Hair cuticles are delicate when your hair is dry and running a brush or comb through them can upset the cuticles of your hair ending up with frizzy hair for the day. To avoid the breakage, you can try combing your hair when they are damp or less dry. This possibly creates lesser chances of breakage.

FIX THE HAIR WITH YOUR FINGERS – Have you tried using your fingers as your all-day hair managing tool? If no, then let us tell you that this is a wonderful hack for preventing frizzy hair. Wet your hair with water and move your fingers through them to detangle the mess. This is going to keep your hair smooth and soft for the day without breaking at your roots.

USE A GOOD HAIR CONDITIONER – Conditioners soften your hair and help store natural moisturizer in your scalp leaving your hair luscious and shiny. Make sure you get the conditioner of the same brand you use the shampoo. Mixing and matching of hair products can make the situation worse so try to avoid doing experiments with brands. Another tip that can help you make a wise choice while selecting a conditioner is to look for conditioners that have protein in them, they will save you from the frizz.

AVOID USING HAIR PRODUCTS CONTAINING ALCOHOL – Alcoholic products make your hair frizzy, rough and unhealthy. Keep a vigilant eye on product ingredients and make sure you don’t select products that have alcohol in them. Usually fragrant shampoos and hair product appeal to us for their long-lasting smell but this can eventually make your hair lifeless.

DO NOT OVER PROCESS YOUR HAIR – Heat is equally not healthy for our hair. Frequent use of hair straighteners and curlers can easily kill the life of our hair. Instead of processing your hair with heat, a good alternative is to air dry when possible.

These handy tips can help save you from bad hair days! However, the way you deal with your hair regularly may differ, and so can the results of the tips. So it is always good to see a professional hair stylist or hair expert.