No Fuss Fall Hairstyles

Even for those who aren’t headed back into the classroom, fall will always be a time of new beginnings. While you may not be inspired to engage in a total makeover, it might be a good time to try out a new look. With the holiday season just around the corner, a fresh cut that suits your natural texture will set you off in the right direction. Whether you’re considering a new hair color or just partial highlights, the following wash and wear styles will complete the perfect fall look. 

Grunge Bob
Tired of the polished stuffy look? Get everyday flare with face-framing layers that look unkempt and put together at the same time. Versatile and easy to do, the air-dried, bedhead texture of a grunge bob is easy to achieve and looks good on thick or thinner hair. To get this tossed around look, just tousle the hair to add a bit of volume. As a fun option for short and medium length hair, make sure you communicate with your stylist about desired length and intensity of fringe. 

Long Loose Waves
Now that fall is here you can let your hair down. Since you’ve been deep conditioning all summer (we hope) it’s time to show off all your hard work. Give your curling iron a rest and ditch the tight ringlets in favor of effortless elegance with a chilled out edge. With minimal effort, you can get plenty of texture and volume. Thinking about color treatment but not sure where to start?  This is a good look to try the subtle highlights effect achieved with balayage. 

long loose waves

Curly Crop
Everyone loves to compliment the feminine and playful style of curly locks.  Unfortunately, most have a strained relationship with their curls, but this is not necessary. The market is flush with great styling crèmes, mousses, and deep conditioners to keep those curls looking magical, moisturized and magnificent. The key to this low maintenance look is to avoid too much structure by cutting the ends to look wispy. With the proper cut and maintenance, curly hair can look salon-fresh with half the effort. 

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