The Ultimate Guide to Using Volumizing Hair Powder to Achieve Your Ideal Look

Faith, trust, and a little bit of . . . volumizing dust? Is hair powder your replacement for pixie dust if you've got or are working on thin hair?

It doesn't sparkle or make you fly, but yes! A volumizing powder is every girl's trick to super luscious and thick looking hair.

If you've fought with paper thin hair your whole life or your hair is so thick and heavy it just hangs, look to powder.

It perks up your strands and gives them a boost at the base, helping hair stand up from the root. Want to know more? Check out the tips and tricks below.

What is Hair Powder?

Hair powder sometimes called dry shampoo, is a very fine colorless (or hair-colored) powder. You apply it at the root via a spray can or in a baby-powder type format.

The powder sits on your scalp and you work it into your hair so it all settles at the base. If you're using it as a dry shampoo, the powder soaks up excess oil, giving the scalp a clean look.

As a volume helper, it sticks to the bottom of hair follicles, essentially pushing them up. Think of it like a very tiny push up bra for each strand of hair.

It won't create what's not there, but it changes the natural position while it's on.

Many Uses

Hair powder does more than make limp hair look bouncy. Many women swear on it after the gym or if they need to get one more day in before they wash.

If your client dyes their hair often (or you do) and it's only semi-permanent, it's a good way to stretch out the color with fewer washes.

You can spot apply volumizing powder if there's a problem area for a hairstyle or if you want to add oomph to bangs or parts.

The matte and oil absorbing powers of the powder give the hair a just-rolled-out-of-bed look. We encourage you to use dry shampoo or hair powder whenever a client requests a piecy or undone style.

How to Use It

If you want to try out dry shampoo/volumizing powder the application depends on the product. Some powders come in a hairspray-like can, while others are loose powders.

If you're using the canned kind, simply lift the hair and expose the root area you're treating. Spray the dry shampoo onto the scalp from six inches away.

You can do large sections at a time, it's not like dying hair where each section matters.

For the powder kind, a little goes a very long way. Put some powder in your hands and rub it into the scalp.

Brush both types out so that the powder moves around the scalp and distributes.

Your Secret Weapon

A good hairdresser knows that you need to send a client going home feeling like a million bucks, even if it's just a cut and blow-dry.

Rub a little volumizing hair powder into the hair to give them an oomph they'll love when you turn them around.

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