What Comes in a TONI&GUY Student Kit and Why

No matter where you go to school, you need school supplies. When you go to cosmetology school, these supplies get a little more complicated.

Unlike any other cosmetology school out there, TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy in Newtown provides you with all the supplies you need in a stylish hair stylist tool bag. This helps you get the most out of your education without scrambling to collect everything on a supply list.

The best part about the TONI&GUY student kit is that you can use it after you graduate! 

Check out this guide to the anatomy of a TONI&GUY Student Kit.

For Cutting Hair
The two essential cosmetology kit tools that every hairdresser needs are shears and a cape. Without these, hairdressing is virtually impossible.

In your TONI&GUY student kit, you'll also find other basic necessities like a handheld mirror, spray bottle, and hair clips. These accessories help manage the hair you're trying to style.

Finally, a double-edged razor will help you achieve specific angles, and a hair clipper to manage men's cuts and various edging.

For Coloring Hair
To protect your own style, professional cosmetology kits include an apron to use when dying hair.

Hair dying is a scientific process that needs to be done precisely. That's why you'll also receive a couple color shakers, a chemical timer, and a few brushes for spreading the dye.

For Styling Hair
Of course, the most important tool for hair styling is the hairbrush. In your hair stylist tool bag, you'll find about six of them, with two additional ceramic boars.

Second only to the brush is the comb. You will have at least four of these as well to get an even more precise cut.

You'll also need heat, which is why you cosmetology student kit includes a blow drying, diffuser, and two irons.

For Spa Treatments
These supplies are largely for nail treatment. They include four brushes, cuticle nippers, tweezers, a nail soaker, cuticle sticks, and a nail board. These supplies are just what you need for basic nail services.

For Practice
As a student, you also need some basic practice supplies. This includes the iconic mannequin head and stand for practicing different styles. You'll also find special shears for the mannequin's hair.

Additionally, you'll receive the Classic Color and Classic Cuts educational DVD and book to help you with your practice.

Other Supplies
Finally, every great stylist has miscellaneous tools at their disposal. Your TONI&GUY hair stylist tool bag will include a water bottle simply for your own hydration, a couple bags to cart around all your new supplies, and a lifetime discount for any extra TONI&GUY cosmetology courses you may take in the future.

Get Your Hair Stylist Tool Bag
If you're a passionate creative looking for the right career path, cosmetology may be perfect for you. At TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy Newtown, we teach students the modern and upscale hairdressing skills they need to succeed in the field.

If you're looking to start your hairstyling career and collect your student kit, give us a call for more details about our programs.